Dixel Pungeon: Betrayal at LelDorado

A casual roguelike Android game with pixel-art. The focus of Dixel Pungeon is exploration. Discover what lies beneath the depths of the ancient city of LelDorado!

Dixel Pungeon is based on Pixel Dungeon; all credit to watabou, and thanks for making it open source.


For now, get the latest binary (Android APK) here: https://arfonzo.org/dix/pub.

Source code

On github: https://github.com/arfonzocoward/dixel-pungeon.


Key changes from Pixel Dungeon mechanics:

It has elements from the Dark Souls series: soul collecting, campfires for resting and upgrades.

Other neat stuff:

Getting Started



Please report to the issue tracker.

Arfonzo J. Coward (arfonzo, at gmail dot com)