This page provides unofficial guidance for Buriedbornes translators.


We use Zanata to manage translations. Please check the information for translators to get started on Zanata, here. You do not need to be registered as a translator on Zanata to help! You can help with translations in Discord, and find some sucker a kind person with Zanata permissions to update on your behalf.

Unless you are the only translator for a language, you don't need to use Zanata. If you want a Zanata account: please read the information in the link above, which has instructions on contacting the developer to request permissions to the Buriedbornes translation project. You will be unable to edit until you are approved as a member.



Language Style

Key concepts to aid in understanding the context of words, and the style of language to use:

EN Current Priorities

Remember that as a community-driven, volunteer effort, nobody is being paid for translations. We do it because we love the game, and we do it only if and when time allows.

EN Conventions