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22/11/2016 17:46 GMT | Windows Font Linking for Best Unicode!
(Or alternatively: how to fallback from one font to another font.)

I struggled with a nice looking monospace font, with the best unicode character support. I wanted this to display characters properly in putty as well as other applications.

- Download GNU Unifont from http://unifoundry.com/.
- Install it.
- Edit your registry so that Consolas uses Unifont as fallback, for any missing unicode characters.

To edit your registry, you will need administrative permissions:

- Start 'regedit'.
- Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontLink\SystemLink
- Add a REG_MULTI_SZ for: Consolas
- Edit the multi-string data, and add: unifont-9.0.04.ttf,Unifont
- Exit regedit
- Sign out of the session, and sign back in for Font Linking to take effect.

Note that your filename for the unifont may differ depending on version. You can do this with any font, not just Consolas.

Now you can use Consolas in putty and other applications, and if any unicode characters are not found in Consolas, it will fall back to Unifont. Currently, GNU Unifont has the best support for unicode over any other fonts.


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