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25/04/2014 19:47 GMT | How to easily update your Haiku PM environment.
With Haiku package management becoming more popular, I've seen people asking for ways to keep their environment updated with the latest nightly releases.

This post is one way to handle updating your Haiku environment. While this isn't the only way, I've found it relatively simple and stress-free.


- Download the latest Haiku nightly image in whatever form you need to boot it.
- In Haiku Terminal, run "uname -a" and take note of your current hrev revision: i.e., "hrev31337".
- Boot into the latest nightly image, and select the option to boot to Desktop.
- Mount your normal Haiku drive. If it's also called "Haiku", it'll be mounted as "/Haiku1".
- Copy packages over. For example, in Terminal:
cp -R /system/packages/* /Haiku1/system/packages
- Delete any older hrev packages:
rm /Haiku1/system/packages/*hrev31337*
- Optional: delete administrative stuff. Note that if you skip this step, Haiku might not boot, and complain that no bootable media was found. It also shows a "no space available" error if you run BootManager.
rm /Haiku1/system/packages/administrative/*
- Reboot.

You're done! No reconfiguration, no loss of settings, you keep your desktop and user accounts, etc..


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