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30/11/2013 20:18 GMT | Qt4 (4.8.5-git) for Haiku, unofficial.
Ahoy, I've just posted my latest Qt 4.8.5 zip package to my Haiku site:


Please note that this is not an official release, nor is it an official Haiku package built from recipe. My intention is to provide an easy bridge for people relying on Qt4 on the latest Haiku gcc2h/gcc4/gcc4h nightlies, until the Qt4 package (qtcore_x86) can be built from recipe via Haikuporter.


25/11/2013 01:06 GMT | Long overdue updates.
Well, it's been over a year, for shame. I almost forgot what a joy it is to update my blog via my handcrafted script... while I'm a fan of the minimal output, sometimes I do wonder why the fuck I bother with this. Alas.

Life has been incredibly busy. In the past year I've worked on a few projects, most ongoing.

Of note, I've created a custom Android ROM and recovery ROM for LA-Q1 Small Chili phones, and a small .NET utility to graphically run and monitor your phone (it's a glorified ADB client). More details on both here: http://rocksteady.poorcoding.com/art/

I've recently started a series on Haiku's Haikuporter, first article can be found here: https://www.haiku-os.org/articles/2013-10-27_gentle_introduction_haikuporter_1

We're in the midst of trying to purchase a property. Should that happen, services will be offline for a month or so, as we switch providers.

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