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29/08/2012 18:26 BST | Haiku nightlies and libpng breakage.
I just upgraded to hrev44588, and I noticed quasselclient and Qupzilla stopped working, with an error about needing libpng.so1.4. haikuporter is also not downloading the 1.4.x libpng sources at this time.

I resolved this issue by compiling libpng-1.4.12 myself:
- Download.
- Extract.
- Enter libpng extracted directory.
- 'make prefix=/boot/common; make; make install'.

Link the library in /boot/common/lib: libpng.so.1.4 -> libpng14.so.14.12.0.

Hope this helps anyone who might run into similar issues.

31/07/2012 18:42 BST | Recent Haiku ports: Qupzilla 1.3.1, OpenTTD 1.2.1 and zsh 5.0.0.
Ahoy friends. I've been on holiday the past few days (Rome--hot!), so I've neglected to mention:

- Qupzilla 1.3.1 has been ported. You can get it at: http://haikuware.com/remository/view-details/internet-network/web-browsers/qupzilla-120. This new build still crashes periodically for me, down to QtWebKit 2.0 issues.

- zsh 5.0.0 has been ported. I'm still testing it, so I've not posted it to HaikuWare yet. You can grab it off my site, if you wish to test and give me feedback: http://wiki.poorcoding.com/Haiku.arfonzo.ashx#zsh_FAA-git_0.

- OpenTTD 1.2.1 has been ported, and uploaded to HaikuWare: http://haikuware.com/remository/view-details/games/strategy/openttd-121.

As always, check the README.txt within the packages. Enjoy!

07/07/2012 12:11 BST | TexMaker 3.3.4 Haiku port released.
Avast! I have ported TexMaker 3.3.4 to Haiku this morning. As always, download it from the usual place:



01/07/2012 19:49 BST | Running a BBS on the Raspberry Pi.
It's been a few weeks since I got the RPi delivered.

I've managed to get the dependencies and Synchronet BBS ported to ARMv6, and I'm currently running a RPi based BBS. You can check it out via telnet or web:

telnet://raspberry.poorcoding.com port 2300


This must be one of the smallest BBSes out there!

06/05/2012 17:42 BST | Presenting RuBe: Ruby bindings for Haiku.
Recently, in my spare time I've been working on bindings for the Haiku OS API in Ruby. The project is called RuBe, and the webpage is here:


Briefly, RuBe lets you code Haiku applications in Ruby. It provides a module that sits as a layer between ruby and the C/C++ Haiku APIs. I have already been able to code a basic working BApplication, with BAlert and BWindows.

Progress is good, and I'm surprised by how much is working already: BApplication, BAlert, BWindow, most of the Support Kit is already in there, and more. Currently, I'm working on the Interface Kit, which should also be completed this month.

Mandatory screenshots, for the non-believers :) You can see the ruby source code I used to generate the BApplications in the screenshots.

- BApplication with BAlert:

- BApplication with BWindow:

For more details, please visit the official RuBe webpage.

17/04/2012 08:42 BST | Having fun with Haiku OS.
Recently, I've been using more of Haiku (http://haiku-os.org) as my primary desktop environment. I thought I'd share my experiences here on the phlog.

POSIX compatibility means many standard UNIX tools can be compiled. In reality however, I have found most common applications to be too geared towards Linux and other *nix dependencies to compile cleanly on Haiku.

I've ported/compiled some software (QT, QupZilla, arora, etc.) , which you can download binary packages for, here:

- Incredibly fast boot times--I'm in the desktop in under 10 seconds from powering on.
- Really functional window manager and UI. Stacking and tiling seem to work well in the Haiku window manager.
- Multiprocessor support.
- Works fine in Virtualbox (I am told it's fine in VMWare as well).
- Actively developed: bugs can be found and squashed on the same day.

- No x64 support, yet.
- No multiuser support, yet.
- Some UI features missing: needs more/better keyboard shortcuts, window shading, and themes are broken.
- Actively developed: bugs can come out of the woodwork at any time, especially if you're using a nightly.
- Small software and developer ecosystem.

I will try to post more on the wonderful world of Haiku, as I get some more free time. All in all, while it's not ready for the entire world, Haiku is a great OS that works well and is constantly improving--give it a go, if you're brave!

16/02/2012 08:31 GMT | Compiling SyncTerm on OpenBSD 5.0 x64.
Please read the docs and website. Note in particular that cryptlib is now included as part of the 3rdp tree.

- get SyncTerm nightly tarball from CVS.
- get packages: gmake, sdl (dev/compiler packages not listed--I assume you already have them installed).
- rename /usr/bin/make to something safe.
- ln -s /usr/local/bin/gmake /usr/bin/make, for example.
- extract syncterm-src.
- "ln -s syncterm-20120101 src", for example.
- run 'bash' shell (not sure if absolutely required, but it failed with default sh in my environment).
- gmake.
- look for binary in "/.../src/syncterm/gcc.openbsd.amd64.exe.debug", for example.

Hope this helps,

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