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04/04/2008 17:18 BST | Woe is me.
Hi guys, this site (http://art.csoft.net) is not going to be updated anymore, for now. I have opted to use Windows Live Spaces instead. Why? To be honest, I don't have time/any desire to maintain WordPress anymore. Lazy as fuck, I know, I know.

So long csoft blog, and thanks for all the phish(ing).

29/02/2008 23:26 GMT | dadadodo for lulz and profit
Ok, so I reckon my first attempt at dissociation wasn't so great. Recently, I compiled all my IRC logs from 2004 to current, and ran it through for some better results (having pored through the other 99.9% utter mumbo-jumbo it generates).

Three hundred odd megabytes of IRC banter...

-rw-r--r-- 1 art art 332202514 2008-02-20 23:50 irc.log.2004.2008

... which is a mere 6.74 million lines ...

6747292 lines

... process wildly for about an hour at gas mark 6 ...

real 62m19.124s
user 10m46.532s
sys 0m9.589s

And out come a few tasty treats:

"Buy a gay Gangsta / The ass down; dead sexy G / arfer gotta reboot computer / Well you don't have a beard! / Lisa is not too, unstoned / im jackie chan takeover never even if u want / Aftermath, prevention. Full paychecks Fraggle. / Cnn, was real sickening robcool. / hehe stupid cockos stupid calculus? / Elm: what he came to finish your asscrack / A Leetle HAHHHHHHSSSHHH! / digit null: has attained level in stupid / more in theory of my fire slowing the connection / I can shoot it fack / Its fuckin gets your fuckin nick now / Next level Next year Robcool. Badapbapbapbap / ...

Kinda bit depressed; unwanted
... / And all go once and bait, etc, clarkee. / stripey fuq all of idlerpg. / Unf Unf unf unf centry tastes arf clean it appears / Though. Fighting kobi: pescado namssa. Crazy, weepy tooof; / die, jimmy. / ubuntu linux is now online stuff / Fncypntz: hotboxing the face (off signoff Vision and: a bowl accidental / the Worst thing is Seafood its a: depressed Robcool. / Bobsaget, the Council isn't gay. / Might be about a south america asia jerk striphy / arf; damns i m fakeidler. / long Faggot taking picz unstoned unstoned imvfpisssed unstoned just communicate with you do my vibrator hookup. / Baub you're tainted authority / i would be satisfied! Fncypntz. / Yeah good luck to verruca / Rofl plus extras / I have to the bottom of the lunch time you can carry around with your cock in day making snickers / Look like having arf call you biatches has ill give; / I don't support arfyarf: bbiaf / got in Iraq, Us the Connection reset by peer, Voltron got it rst / Those hot like a Differential equation / Deuce. / Three words you fixed zombie / Heheh pescado es bueno hay mucho Infamous / This world is first. / Tuck Tuck was like fuck / Ok enough of lies. / Well lookie IMPOTEEEENNNNCEEEE arfyarf. / penis join join to somewhere But I dont I suppose the americans smegma Rampage / Superfriends is you / But it's crack house once i have corn flakes / there is arfer: ban him / Fag? Werent lyin tumble. Jimmy he could find anyone Want me / Bsd is now known as bloated / Lol meiso its tea joint lush and you enjoyed use Maxells flame flame, again did! / Gonna go for this brand of english men / It's offical reunification was for valentines? Whooo wouldnt smoke man! / tomorrow most of that be something Robcool; grapenuts; gooses. / Apmannen (reaches next level next level aznsensation)! / hahaha arf it's arf so it sucked, apparently / Gay arf: arf. / Get laid tonight. Oh my account. / So many many girls mad glad to the answer (these dried saliva produced stripey). / Aye man, this that was kicked from vagina? Haha / girlies are into to stripey. / The level procrastinator, is supposed to tear down arf / ..."

I'm beginning to learn a few things more about my Sparc based on these scientific findings. I do believe he's a raging homosexual, and a drug addict. Fascinating.

26/02/2008 19:02 GMT | Some peace and quiet
It's nice to get along with your neighbours. Yesterday I spent 2 hours listening to one of ours-again. He is a 3-time ex-convict, recovering crack addict, formerly homeless, used-to-be-gangsta, etc.. Ever met those types of people who just have to talk loudly, no matter what? How about those types that can't stop spitting little bits of saliva when they speak? Nice one. Mad nice to meet you.

This guy has lately become so paranoid that he's convinced that a neighbour nearby is actually a prison guard, and that everyone in our neighbourhood is conspiring against him.

He's "caught" our neighbours talking to each other-obviously about him, what else could they possibly be talking about? The other day, he realized that they had trained all their cats and dogs to shit and piss on his garden. Also, apparently they wait for him to clean his garden, then throw junk into his lot.

They have also used pre-emptive strikes to "mess up" 5 chances he had with women (all of whom he seemed convinced he would marry). They also know when he is doing his Islamic verses and prayers (he's trying to convert into the faith), and deliberately make things "unclean" for him, breaking in and touching his Koran, and so forth.

Also, the neighbours listen to his phone conversations, plan when he's out to burgularise his flat up, and don his hoodie and track pants. He caught someone wearing his track suit once, yelled and threatened them until they ran off. When he got back home, he discovered that his place had been apparently entered into, and it seemed as if the clothes were put back hastily. No joke.

From what I know, our neighbours seem to be mostly families. This guy is a single thirtysomething spazz who can't hold an honest job down for the life of him. Makes sense that they'd be mad envious and want to mess him up.

... did I mention he consistently reeks of burger grease smell?

Pure "I C, I C... /me nods head and looks at his watch repeatedly." Woe is me, for I can't be rid of dickheads.


"Pure Al-Qaeda material."
- Dr. Guildo, 27 Feb 08 at 14:21

"hey, you did that 'I C I C /me nods' to me too "
- clarkee, 27 Feb 08 at 18:58

"I C, I C.

/me nods.

That's what you get for puking up my toilet and bedroom!!!! NO MERCY FOR REPEAT OFFENDERS!!!"
- Art, 28 Feb 08 at 12:43

20/02/2008 23:07 GMT | Recursively cat'ing all files in a directory
$ cat `find /directoryname -type f`


"$ find /directoryname -type f -exec cat {} \;

does the same thing but doesnt need to wait for find to terminate. Just so u know what Im about."
- Dr. Guildo, 21 Feb 08 at 22:33

17/02/2008 01:54 GMT | Vista SP1 RTM
Got my paws on the RTM of Vista SP1 yesterday night, and upgraded earlier today off a mostly-clean 6000 build, without a hitch. Apart from rebooting a handful of times and taking about 2 hours on a new notebook, I haven't run across any problems yet.

SUA SP1 also works (and is more or less just as slow and shitty).

Anyhow, it's somewhat exciting to have a moreso Server 2008-like kernel.

02/02/2008 01:11 GMT | Calibrating Finger Input
In Vista, if you have a capable screen, you can input not only with Wacom ("Penabled") pens, but also with your finger. If you find that the calibration settings are completely off (which they seem to be by default), run in console as administrator:

tabcal novalidate

31/01/2008 22:16 GMT | boo network code: simple telnet/web server
Shamelessly modified from the boo example sources, but its enough to get you started:

import System.IO
import System.Net
import System.Net.Sockets

server = Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp)
server.Bind(IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 8200))

while true:
socket = server.Accept()
using stream=NetworkStream(socket, true):

writer.WriteLine("Ahoy, this server is running: ${shell('booc', ")}")
writer.WriteLine(${shell('cat', '/proc/cpuinfo')})

MSDNs System.Net Namespace (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.net.aspx) docs might could also be of use. Ive tested this on sparc and x86 linux variants with mono.

Hope you find this useful, network programming seems to be a relatively familiar experience if youve done it before in another modern language, just took a little bit of scrounging to dig up.

2001.07.05 - While porting this blog post to the phlog, some syntax and quotes got messed up. That code may require minor tweaks, but you get the idea. Apologies.

31/01/2008 20:24 GMT | boo versus ruby
Heres a document I ran across today which details some of the specific differences in the two languages. Just one of the many glorious tidbits:


"Boo uses CLR threads, which generally map one-to-one to kernel threads and therefore exploit multiple processors and are fully preemptive.

In contrast, Ruby uses lightweight threads - threads implemented within the interpreter. Because of their extremely low switching latency, they can be used in situations where kernel threads impose too much overhead[b]ut Rubys threads are limited to one CPU, and block on OS calls.

Microthreads can be implemented in user libraries, but only cooperative threads (as far as I know). I dont know how important preemptive (within the hosted language) microthreads are. But the CLI (and therefore, Boo) seem to have no standard library implementation of lightweight threads.

All this is specific to the main Ruby implementation. JRuby, like Boo, relies on the underlying VMs threading model - the JVMs, in this case - and so its threads are generally fully preemptive and exploit multiple CPUs."

At the end of the day, I suppose comparing boo with ruby is a bit like comparing dicks to pussies, as ruby is an interpreted language through-and-through, whilst boo can be run, for instance using booi in interpreter mode, or using booc compile CLI bytecode binaries (which are absolutely tiny compared with, for instance, ruby2exeing a ruby project) to be run with mono/.NET or other CLR.

Also gotta love the mention of the JRuby: now were talking optimized best-of-breed solution. Lulz.

25/01/2008 00:46 GMT | Installing Linux on an UltraSparc 10 via serial console
Aye, the Ultra 10 (Model 440) finally came in yesterday.

Headless mode install definitely works--heres how:

- Get your Linux media burnt. Ensure your bootloader settings support serial console I/O (I tried using a nightly ubuntu-server/sparc .iso).
- Get your serial console working with your Ultra 10. You will need a DB9 (com) port, which is commonly called ttyb. If your sparc didnt come with one, you can order them online.
- You will need a null modem cable, and a terminal on the other end of the cable to capture I/O.
- Boot via serial console, OpenBoot will load, at the ok prompt, type printenv. Take careful note.
- Set any variables you need to, using setenv (i.e., to ensure your terminal settings are correct). Some useful ones: auto-boot?, boot, input-device, output-device, reset.
- You can also do this in blind-mode: headless using a keyboard plugged in locally to the sparc, hitting STOP-A once the keyboard LEDs stop blinking, and setting output-device and input-device, for example, to terminal, or screen/keyboard.
- Now that its all working, put in the Linux media, boot, and at the ok prompt type boot cdrom.
- Install your distro. All the stock hardware should be supported. Make note that SILO (LILO for Sparc) has specific requirements in terms of the disk (it must be installed within the first gigabyte).
- It failed during the ubuntu-server setup process. Continue it regardless and complete the installation process.
- Reboot the cdrom, and enter rescue mode. Mount the drive(s) that you just installed, and install the silo package (i.e., using apt-get for debian/ubuntu). It installed without incident for me here.

This information was tested on an Sun Ultra 10, 440-MHz UltraSPARC IIi, 2MB external cache, 1GB memory, 3D card, 2 x 9GB disk drives.

19/01/2008 05:08 GMT | some cut up theory
Some intriguing outputs from dadadodo (http://www.jwz.org/dadadodo) and various online bits of text. Can you guess the source/theme for any of these output sets? Lulz.

"Donate to boycott, of Yahoo, support the Us killing many Hamas attacks on his or libraries and various other things; or application the underlying message with A recording of a union of those and medicine for sponsoring this case article on Newsforge."

"Support conscientious objectors in which is to help more Photos and institutions as the first extensible Emacs and the deadly attacks."

"Light will collapse such as seen the event horizon."

"Indeed, small black hole has been detected if var wgversion var wgnamespacenumber var wgaction view var wgbreakframes false."

"Mathematical theory of finding a treadmill."

"ISBN does Special relativity, but the black holes with the entropy."

"Enterprise and enslaving Ferengi Alliance is the wheel and negative Jewish stereotypes."

"You can in a necessity."

"Never let the right to tarnish the wind; Small print leads to large risk."

"Anything worth the product, the Vulcan greed for success."

"Sleep can tarnish step on an honest businessman."

"Gay Street in Dublin was the line was also be a Germanic
source History timeline gay: is primarily to behavior
homosexual, people, reject Labels gay the term Lesbian, LGBT
Portal lesbian or transgender."


12/01/2008 22:46 GMT | Keeping cool in 2008
Ahoy mateys. Apart from having a great start to this year with my external drive dying January 1st, one of my laptops has been overheating to a point where its unusable for any graphical or processor-intensive applications.

My Antec Notebook Cooler arrived bright and early this morning. The unit comes with two modes, quiet and not-so-quiet. Even with the lower fan setting, my laptop is idling at around 70 degrees C instead of 90-100 degrees C without the cooling unit.

Ill be writing a detailed post on the Antec Coolers effect on CPU and HD temperatures in the near future, once Ive tested the unit for a longer period. No overheats, yet.

Antec Notebook Cooler link: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=75004.

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